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One good thing about being in the porn industry so long is I really have really learned to recognize good stuff. And the fact that I don't have a monopoly on all the good ideas..hehehe. So I have created this area to show you some of what my friends are making and sites that are worthy of your time to take a look. All of the samples we have in this section are totally free. Keep in mind that the sites in this section are not part of the CJXXX network and not included with your membership. However, they have been kind enough to share some really hot samples from their sites with us. If you find anything that strikes your fancy, you can click the link and go to check out their full site. We update this area daily so check back often to see what is new!!!

And here are today's latest offerings:

Aron Fills Ben Dover’s Ass

Another Daddy Collision in this update for you.? Two of the most masculine guys in the house.? One very macho-dom type in Aron Kronos, and the other, big, loveable, teddy bear, veteran favorite, Benjamin Dover!

The action starts with Ben on his knees, giving his now trademark straight boy deep throating effort and gagging his way to a slobbery, tearful blowjob.? Then Aron returns the favor before flipping Ben over and giving him a good rim job.? Aron makes sure to give you great views of his hairy straight manhole, and big dangling balls and cock.

Naturally, the next stop after that, is Pound Town!? Aron drives his muscle cock into Ben and goes to work!? Ben has learned from his girlfriend how to take a big dick via strapons, but Aron still gets him screaming, so the muscle man covers his mouth in one moment.? Thankfully, it doesn't work.? No more spoilers!? Here's the video!!!

Posted on: June 19, 2018

Buddy Wild Bobby Owens

We're pleased that the members are glad to see Bobby Owens back in the studio, because this straight boy works Hard for his money!? Buddy, as always, is soaking up the experience with each BSB veteran.

Buddy and Bobby get right into the action for you with some straight boy kissing action. Then Buddy lifts Bobby onto the bed.

Once they get into the fuck action, Buddy waists no time pounding Bobby's straight boy hole.? Bobby gets folded into some very hot fuck positions, for You!? I told you he works hard for you.? And he's a natural vocal boy at that!? Here and see the hot action right now, Right Here!!!

Posted on: June 18, 2018

Grey Donovan

Live on the site, is the solo video of the newest Broke Straight Boy, Grey Donovan.? This young first timer has a unique occupation already.? He's an exclusive runway model for a bridal company.

With that caliber of occupation, you know his GQ and hair style is going to be on point, and so is his savvy.? He's been soaking up the experience like a sponge, executing direction with ease, and displaying a natural knack for pleasing his audience, and scene partners.? He reveals that the reason is because he actually has come to us from one of our sister sites, so he's not a complete greenhorn.

He definitely seems to quite enjoy how we operate at BSB though, so you can be sure to see more of him as you guys show him love on the site.? Click Here to see his solo!!


Posted on: June 15, 2018

Drake Tyler Brad Steele

Seasoned veteran Drake Tyler helps to break in quiet newbie Brad Steele in this hot update.

Members love Brad toned and tanned bod, and it's a great contrast to Drake's toned and buffed bod.? They start with some straight boy kissing.? Then time for some sucking.? You have noticed straight boy Drake putting in extra effort when it comes to the oral.? He lets Brad have his way face fucking his throat till he's in tears and slobbering all over his knob.

The fucking starts doggystyle.? Then Drake pushes Brad down onto his dick in a riding position for a deeper fuck.? You get to see both work up a sweat for you (nothing hotter!), and finish with a creampie breeding!? See it all HERE!

Posted on: June 13, 2018

Axel Kane Barebacks Justin Dean

During this film week, Axel and Justin were the two tallest guys in the house.? Of course we had to pair those big daddy frames together!

They wanted to tease you in this one, as Justin puts Axel into a compromising position.? Alas, Axel is still not ready to go all the way gay, and Justin instead gives Axel a nice massage for you.? After that and some straight boy lip locking, Justin gets down to sucking straight hubby dick, and Axel begins fingering his hole. You know what comes next!? Daddy dicking down Daddy raw!? Here's the video!

Posted on: June 12, 2018

Buddy Wild Rides Landon Wells

Inked up, toned-bod Landon got some great shoots in during this partifular film week.? In this scene he gets to be more the aggressor for a change.

You'll have to let us know if you prefer Buddy's big ebony muscle ass getting drilled bareback, or watching him twerk up a sweat topping with his bbc.? I don't think we can decide since he looks so great doing both!

“When Buddy’s puckered hole is dripping wet with Landon’s spit, Landon climbs up onto the bed and shoves his cock inside of Buddy, fucking him?raw?and deep as Buddy begs for more.” Lucky for everyone, Buddy can't help but work up a sweat no matter which role he plays.? Not to be outshined, Landon ends up putting Buddy in some great unique positions.? A definite must see!? Here's the Video!!

Posted on: June 08, 2018

Inked Daddy Dick Down With Ari Nucci Bobby Owens

Some members think Ari Nucci loves to bottom.? Some think he loves to top.? Both are correct!? The secret to Ari's demeanor of enjoyment in every scene, is actually, no secret at all: He just loves to Fuck!

Bobby is quite the vocal straight boy performer already for you, but anyone paired up with Ari has a Huge bar to scale up to, just to match his energy alone.? Let alone try to perform and entertain you in a way that you haven't already seen with Ari.

Bobby accepts the challenge and Delivers!!? You can see from the images alone, the unique and vocal fucking positions at entail-in tail!? Why waist more digital ink, spoiling all your fun?? I know THIS is what YOU WANT!!!

Posted on: June 04, 2018

Aron Kronos Takes Michael Boston’s Hole

Aron Kronos takes Michael Boston's hole raw!? That alone is more than enough reason to click the links!? But here we have two athletic bods, one muscular-one gymnast, and two eager to please and get paid while getting laid straight hunks.

Aron is a natural performer, much like some of our other straight boys.? Michael has been slowly showing us more his many talents with each scene he does.? Aron puts his hole to the test in this one.? The straight muscle daddy relentlessly pounds Michael's hole bareback.? You'll love seeing him go to work behind Michaels beefy gymnast ass!

They start with Michael hanging his head over the bed and letting Aron face fuck him.? Before long, the dom muscle daddy top plants his own ass on Micheal's face for a rim ride.? Even straight boys love that feeling.? I won't spoil any more for you, Here's The Video!!

Posted on: May 30, 2018

Ben Damien and Chris Straight Boy Threeway

You know we've been waiting to release this hot update for you!? Benjamin Dover, Damien Nichols, and Chris Taylor!? Three of your member favorites, and big fat daddy dicks to boot!

You will not want to waist time reading here for this Must See scene!? The boys definitely put on a show for you unlike any of their other videos.? They even give straight boy gone gay double penetration a shot for you!!? Be sure to also check out the twitter page for hot behind the scenes on this trio scene.

And by the way, hands down the most Explosive finish filmed to date, as ALL THREE boys shoot humongous loads of jizz Everywhere!? HERE'S the MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

Posted on: May 29, 2018

Member Faves Jos Alvarez and Ben Dover

Jos Alvarez stays his normal chill and humble self, even after we disclose to him his high member rating status.? He is, however, even more eager to show his appreciation by giving you another good straight boy gone gay performance.

Ben is his normal cheerful, let's get paid and get laid self.? When the other boys finally do get a scene with him, there's always two classic moments.? One, when they pull down his undies and see his big dick for the first time.? And two, during fluff time, when there's the debate of who has the biggest dick on the BSB roster, LOL.

Ben starts the action with giving Jos some oral before Jos returns the favor. Both guys are eager to please YOU, so they gag and choke in effort to give you some nice and slobbery blowjobs.? Before long, Jos is pounding away on Ben's straight boy hole, and even fucks the cum out of him!? See it all HERE!

Posted on: May 22, 2018




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